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we are committed to security of our guests and under no circumstance it is a reliable, reputed, genuine and authentic company. The company is licensed by Tax Department of Nepal as a taxpayer, and also by Central Bank of Nepal as foreign currency acceptable company from foreigners and members of national and international tourism umbrella organizations. Multi Adventure is established under, Registration No: 363/054/55 . We follow the rules and regulations set forth by the government and strongly condemn any illegal activities that might take place within the nation.


We always look for guests’ safe journey first. Before heading to the destination, guests will always get general information about the Mountain Hazard and its precautions, during the trip our all field staffs has general knowledge to prevent such obstacles. Oxygen cylinders and immediate telephone networks (Satellite Phone) are also available during the field to reduce the accidental incidents.


We respect quality, all resources sending to the field trip, we check their quality. Our guides, porters, cooks and office staff are all highly qualified. When it comes to scaling the peaks, dangers are plenty. Although the mountains seem serene and gentle from a distance, the weather there is treacherous. The terrain can be downright unforgiving and to have someone accompanying you, who has been tested by the mountains time and again and have come victorious through and through, can be the greatest of advantages. Our guides, Sherpas and team leaders have years and years of experience in mountaineering, and understand the whims of Himalayas, as much as it’s humanly possible. Over the years, they have been trained to coordinate in a hostile terrain and take immediate actions. It is something a recently established, youth startups cannot offer. Less demanding adventures and activities also comes with their risk. But our staffs are always well prepared.


The guides who lead the groups have Lot Of information about the culture, history, nature, religion, society about the area and are also able to explain in major language like German, Japanese and Korean besides English and Nepali. All our guides are government approved (License holder) and are trained from government training institute. Moreover we provide them some more training like Flora and Fauna, first aid training associate with Nepal Red Cross Society and climbing training. Though we upgraded such facilities, we kept our service fee and rate stable as in the past. We assure you get real value what you pay for and memorize your trip forever. Have a nice holiday.

Food :

The meals, which served to the guests, are hygienic. The kitchen staff have kitchen dress and are able to prepare all Continental, Nepali, Indian, Chinese, Korean dishes. The kitchen equipment are always kept clean and neat.Our Cheif are highly trained for all the bases of food inorder to Get you all Dishes at the time you want. We belive in costumer satisfaction and we do care about Your demand on hygienic Foods


The services, which generated during field trip, are friendlier to nature, to environment and to local community.Our company Slogan is (first Priority goes to costumer).Talking about services its gonna be 24/7 When ever you ask for service we gonna full the your demand at the time you want. We are always there for you. we are approved by the government of Nepal to run this business


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